ORN Ottawa wishes to encourage you to come and volunteer with us...

Unfortunately, last year many calls had to go unanswered on our busier nights because we didn’t have the peoplepower to meet the high demand. Please ask your friends, family, even co-workers to join. If successful, we could double our effectiveness, which in turn helps us save more lives and helps make Ottawa safer!

We always aim to provide a great volunteering experience to our volunteers; therefore, we offer mileage reimbursements to our Escort Drivers at the end of each operating night, as well as great food, beverages and participation prizes!

To become a volunteer, please follow the instructions in our "How do I sign up” section.

Volunteer roles and responsibilities (select title for descriptions)

**NOTE: Based on operational needs and qualifications, you may be reassigned a different role while on shift.

Road Team

The volunteer road team consists of small teams of three members - two of which ride along with the client in his or her vehicle, while the other follows the client’s vehicle to his or her destination. The escort driver, the volunteer driver and the navigator are the three members of the team


**Questions about these roles? Please check with ORN Ottawa staff prior to committing to any shifts.

Escort Driver:

This volunteer uses his personal vehicle to drive the volunteer driver and the navigator to the
location where the client is waiting.

To be an escort driver you must:

  • Be 19 years of age or older
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Have access to an insured vehicle.
  • Have proof of insurance and driver’s license – to be with you during your ORN shift.

** Dependent on mileage, gas costs will be reimbursed at the end of each night provided the Mileage Log Form is fully completed by the Escort Driver at the end of their shift.

Volunteer Driver:

This volunteer drives the client and his or her vehicle back to his or her destination.
To be a volunteer driver you must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Have a valid driver’s license – to be with you on the night of your shift.


This volunteer accompanies the volunteer driver in the client’s vehicle. They will supply any navigational directions to the volunteer driver and handle any paperwork, financial transactions and communications with ORN Ottawa base camp.

To be a navigator you must:

  • Be 19 years of age or older
  • A driver’s license is not mandatory.
  • A familiarity with the Ottawa area is an asset.

**Should you not feel comfortable navigating within Ottawa at night, please consider helping us in Operations and Administration.



The volunteer dispatcher will work in-office at ORN Ottawa’s base camp. This volunteer will relay information to road teams as well as maintaining contact with its members, providing additional navigational support or safety measures.

To be a dispatcher:

  • Organizational and communication skills are essential.
  • Ability to function under stress is essential.
  • Knowledge of the different areas of the city of Ottawa is an asset.

**Priority reserved role for returning volunteers. If you have access to a vehicle or can legally drive please, consider helping us as either an Escort Driver or Volunteer Driver.


Operations & Administration

Volunteers in operations and administration will work in-office at ORN Ottawa’s base camp. This volunteer will be put to work on a number of internal tasks, which may include, but not limited to:

  • answering the phones,
  • searching and printing directions for the drivers,
  • data entry using MS Excel and/or MS Access,
  • serving food and refreshments,
  • setup and tear down, and
  • being generally helpful with other odd jobs when required.

To be a part of operations and administration:

  • Good communication skills and ability to function under stress are essential.
  • Be capable of executing tasks without necessarily being told to do so.
  • Bilingualism (English & French) is an asset.

**If you have access to a vehicle or can legally drive please, consider helping us as either an Escort Driver or Volunteer Driver.

How do I sign up?

To volunteer for Operation Red Nose Ottawa, individuals must complete a volunteer application form and an Ottawa Police Service Criminal Records Check.

**Operation Red Nose Ottawa has a special agreement with the Ottawa Police Service which allows our volunteers to obtain a Criminal Records Check at NO COST and ON THE SPOT if you provide them with the ''OPS Volunteer Letter'' found in the Registration Package.

Please note, we will only accept Criminal Record Checks completed within the last 6 months (the check must be valid for the duration of our operating season).

STEP 1: Carefully read the instructions provided in the Registration Package, please complete and print the documents

STEP 2: Please follow this link to complete the Online Application Form
STEP 3: Obtain a Criminal Records Check from the Ottawa Police Service (see registration package)
STEP 4: Provide original validated Criminal Records Check and present a piece of Government issued photo ID (if you are driving, it will be your driver's license) on your first shift at Operation Red Nose Ottawa headquarters


For all inquiries related to volunteer registration, please email our volunteer coordinator
For everything else, please use our general information email

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